Wholegrains Nutritions Bar (25g x 6bars)

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Selling Price: S$15.00
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  • Low-calorie diet
  • 16% of Oats, 14.2% of brown rice
  • Much lower in sugar than most bars, Honey added
  • Low sugar, high protein, high fiber, lots of omega-3s


Ingredients : Oat(16%),Brown rice(14.2%),Rice syrub(12.2%),Lentils(10%),

Almond(8%),Dried cranberries(7%),Pumpkin seeds(6%),Sugar(5.3%),

Walnuts(4%),Chiaseed(4%),Dried blueberries(4%),Flaxseed(3%),

Amaranth(2.5%),Grape sugar(2.1%),Honey

Nutrition information : Total 25g/bar,130kcal,Sodium (0g),Carbohydrate(11g),Sugar(7g),

Fat(8g),Transfat(0g),Saturated fat(0.91g),Cholesterol(0g),Protein(4g)


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