*CLEARANCE SALE!!!* OMIJA HONEY(5 Bottles at $150 only)

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PRODUCT TYPE : 100% Cold Brewed Omija (五味子) with Honey

QUANTITY : 500ml X 5 bottle

INGREDIENTS : 54% Omija (五味子/Schisandra chinensis) 46% (Korean Honey)


EXPIRY DATE :26th of Oct 2019  Consume within 1 month after opening

HOW TO DRINK : Dilute with cold/warm water 5 times of  Omija Honey after meal.


The Omiberry Honey does not use any sugar or artificial additives, which help to convery the originality of schisandra with its attractive aroma and rich flavor.

  • No  Caffeine
  • No Chemical Preservatives
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • No Artificial Falvouring
  • No Sugar


Omija improves kidney functions and helps process and filter out body wastes.
Antioxidants in omija prevent oxidation and remove oxygen free radicals from the
body, refreshing the brain and eyes.
Omija strengthens the lungs and improves blood circulation. Rich in B-group
vitamins—also known as energy vitamins—it is a nutritious bracer from nature for the
modern people concerned about stress and the immune system.
Omija is good for the heart as it fills you with stamina. Schizandrin, a component of
omija, works wonders against fatigue and is efficacious for students, salarypeople,
and athletes dealing with physical and mental exhaustion.
Omija improves liver functions and helps relieve fatigue. It detoxifies the livers of
modern people—which gathers a lot of heavy metal—and filters out body wastes.
Omija strengthen the spleen and stomach by working with the acupunctural spots. It
also improves circulation, relaxing the mind and the body.



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