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  1. Where are our products from ?

Our Bokbunja (Blackraspberry) products are 100% organically grown and harvested in Gochang Korea. Bokbunja cultivation is concentrated mainly around the Mount Seonum Provincial Park. Coastal winds create an excellent environment for the berries to maintain the proper amount of sugar levels and excellent components. Loess covers much of the area which provides the berries with soil rich in minerals to grow in. An environmentally friendly and organic farming system is used to produce the highest quality Bokbunja.


As of 2004, Gochang has become the main place of Bokbunja industry in Korea after the government designated it as a special zone for the trade.


  1. Why are our products special ?

Our extract and vinegar is purely natural, organically grown, high-quality and is freeze dried cold pressed with no artificial colouring and preservatives. The vinegar is fermented for more than 5 years and the final round of fermentation is with black beans, this unique process is patented. It is not rice-based vinegar with added fruit concentrate like many others in the market. As such, it brings many health benefits to you.


  1. Where can I read more about the health benefits ?

Please visit our sites www.idoori.com or www.facebook.com/idooritogether to find out more about the many health benefits our products can bring to you.


  1. Are your products Halal certified ?

Yes, they are. Our products have obtained Halal certification from Singaopore Halal Certification Association.


  1. Which products are recommended for me ?

We have Blackraspberry Extract, Concentrate and Vinegar and also Aronia Extract and Concentrate. It depends on individual taste and preference. Feel free to visit our website at www.idoori.com and leave a message at ‘Contact Us’ or simply start up a chat with 1 of our sales rep at our website.  We will broadcast our roadshow schedule and location, you are welcome to join us for some sharing of info and sampling.


Online Order

  1. Can I order as a guest without registering as a member ?

Yes you can. However, as a member, you can enjoy special discounts. In addition, you can enrol in Loyalty Program to gain Reward Points which can be used for your future purchases. And not forgetting the Referral Program, whereby you gain additional 3% of Reward Points if your referred customer makes purchases. So, it is recommended to register yourself as a member. 


  1. Can COD be used for monthly subscriptions ?

No, you can pay by Paypal only for monthly subscriptions.


  1. How many days are expected for Shipping Delivery ?

Please expect 2-3 days for delivery from the day of your confirmed purchase.


  1. Where to go for Store Pickup ?

Please visit

203 Henderson Road. Wing B.


Singapore 159546


For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us via

  • Leave us a note under Contact Us
  • Call our Hotline
  • Chat with our sales rep at the website
  • Drop by our Redemption Centre
  • Meet us at our Roadshow (to be announced)


We are glad to share with you more about our products anytime. And will be happy to learn from your experience about healthy living.

Thank You.

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