My mum had been drinking aronia berry and black raspberry juice for almost a year and I must say its really help! She was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and its aid during her chemo treatment. She is less prone to the side effect and falling sick. Her tumor has reduced and right now she's still continuing her daily dose to fight radical and maintaining her health condition.

Mei**** Low

 came to know this Idoori through takashimaya posting (Korean Fair). I then, went to search online and wanted to find out more about it. I read numbers of good reviews on this product. I decided to drop by taka, and got myself a bundle set of 2 blackraspberry vinegars as well as 30 pouches of blackraspberry extract. & I must say, this health product really helps me in my body. The 2 bottles of vinegars I gave it to my parents. They love the taste too! & I made my 2nd purchase online just ytd, and i have received today! Very efficient!

Ali**a T*n

the juice is very effective for my kidney. It also increase stamina as I carry out my daily routine just as you said it would. I will recommend to my cousins and friends after I experience more effects. The vitamin C helps in healing my skin problems around my neck areas. I also cough less.


45 Pasir Ris

Been drinking black raspberry vinegar n juice for past few months. Seeing radiant skin and better digestive system! Will definitely order again.


Highly recommended! My dad tried the vinegar and it had immediate effects his blood sugar level went down by half daebakkkk!!

Lam Hui Pin

I have taken the vinegar for 5 bottles. And I can feel and see the difference . My cholesterol has come down as well as my uric acid. I will continue to take this Vinegar from Idoori !!!!

Huang Qui Hui

Thank you for the product of black raspberry extract. It help a lot after my daughter took it, her pimples reduce a lot after consumption.

Jennifer Kek

My PSA has come down from 7.65 to 5.79!!! The uroloflow has improved too! :)

I would like to order 6 bottles of the black raspberry extract(concentrate) & 4 bottles of black raspberry vinegar


Black Raspberry juice is tasty. Hubby likes it and helps to keep bowel movement regular. Personally, skin does seem to look more radiant after consuming one packet a day after a week.


Aronia drinks help me to prevent Urinary Tract infections. After drinking, it doesn't occur again.


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