9 Times Baked Bamboo Salt (40g,Powder type)

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Intake of bamboo salt

  1. The best way to take bamboo salt
    • Powder: Put one teaspoon of bamboo salt into mouth and wait until saliva comes out. After having bamboo salt with saliva in a mouth for a long time, swallow it little by little.
      After 40-50 minutes, it is good to drink persimmon leaf or ginger tea or just simply plain water.
    • Granular: Put one or two granules over tongue until saliva comes out. Swallow it. Repeat to take bamboo salt 15-30 times a day. When bamboo salt is melted with your own saliva, it turns into the best ingredients that adjust your body.
      Melt 8g of bamboo salt a day for intake.
  2. Garlic and bamboo salt
    Roast whole garlic in charcoal, gas or microwave oven to eliminate spiciness. Sprinkle sufficient amount of bamboo salt over the roasted garlic. Take 10-15 pieces of garlic a day on an empty stomach.

Intake and frequency

  1. Take the roasted garlic frequently with a pinch of bamboo salt for 1-3 days in the beginning. Gradually increase the intake up to one teaspoon of bamboo salt.
  2. Start with very small amount of bamboo salt for the persons with hypertension, kidney disease or weak stomach. Then increase its amount gradually to adjust your body.
  3. Take 250g of bamboo salt for a month steadily for the healthy persons without any specific disease.

Uses of bamboo salt

  • Cooking
    • Bamboo salt is recommended for roast meat and fish, toasted laver, soups and stews, seasoning greens, making Kimchi and hot pepper paste/soybean paste, and many others uses.
  • Brushing teeth
    • Soak toothbrush into water and put some salt on toothbrush.
    • Give a gentle gum massage by brushing the gum and teeth smoothly.
    • After brushing teeth with bamboo salt, swallow the water, instead of spitting. (Nature’s Health & Body Health)
  • Eliminate bad breath
    • Bad breath is mainly caused by inflammation in the body. Frequently bite some bamboo and swallow it.
  • Excessive drinking & hangover
    • Take bamboo salt before drinking. It is also good to take bamboo salt after drinking.
  • Alleviate symptoms of cold
    • Gargle mouth frequently with bamboo salt water. After taking bamboo salt, drink a cup of hot ginger tea within 40-50 minutes.
  • Treat sinus infection & rhinitis
    • Eat bamboo salt frequently and try rinsing nose in high concentration of bamboo salt water or inhale the bamboo salt powder.
  • Protect vocal cords
    • Melt bamboo salt in saliva and take it frequently.
  • Hot pack
    • Heat bamboo salt in a frying pan and wrap the bamboo salt in a towel to put over the painful area.

Skin care with bamboo salt

  1. Facial wash with bamboo salt
    • This makes skin smooth and clear and removes acne or boils by promoting blood circulation.
    • After washing face with warm water, gently massage face with 1/2 teaspoon of bamboo salt for 30 seconds. Wash off with cold water.
  2. Bamboo salt pack
    • Mix one teaspoon of bamboo salt with water. Apply it over face for 5 minutes and wash off.
  3. Bath with bamboo salt
    • After washing the entire body with warm water, mix 3-4 teaspoons of bamboo salt with water and give a massage. After 2-3 minutes, go into a sauna room and wash off with the perspiration.
    • When adding bamboo salt directly into water, put over 100g of salt and mix well.
    • Bamboo salt bathing promotes metabolism and blood circulation. It also relieves stress and tension caused by stimulation of physical pressure points and enhances muscular flexibility.
  4. Bamboo salt massage
    • After taking a shower, mix 3-4 teaspoons of bamboo salt with water and gently rub the entire body with it. After massaging for 2-3 minutes, wash off with water.
    • After applying bamboo salt to entire body, wrap your body with hot towel for 2-3 minutes. Have a shower and rinse off with cold water.
    • Give an intensive massage on the fat area such as abdomen or thigh or joint area with arthritis.
    • Mix one spoon of bamboo salt with a little water and apply it to the desired area. Wash off with water after 5 minutes.
    • You may have temporary itching after applying bamboo salt massage in the beginning. You do not need to worry about this as this is caused by discharge of waste accumulated in the body.

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