Black Raspberry Vinegar

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PRODUCT TYPE : Fermented Juice

QUANTITY : 500ml X 1 bottle

INGREDIENTS : Korean Black Raspberry Vinegar 12.9%, Black Raspberry Extract 20%, Apple Extract, Beans, Citric Acid, Water


EXPIRY DATE : 2 years. Consume within 1 month after opening

HOW TO DRINK : Neat or dilute with water, milk or yogurt. 30-50ml before or after meal

Black raspberry vinegar amount per use

*If you have gastric problem, please dilute with adequate water and only drink the vinegar 2 hours after meal.


Our Black Raspberry Vinegar is fermented from our Pure Black Raspberry Juice with Black beans for more than 5 years. This unique process is patented in Korea and it is brought to you EXECUSIVELY by idoori.

The research centre in Gochang Korea indicated that our Vinegar contains 5 times higher antioxidant(Polyphenol and Flavonoid) comparing with other commercial blueberry Vinegar.

In addtion to the well known properties of vinegar such as aids in digestion and ease constipation, it also aids in absorption of minerals and calcium due to the concentration of Acetic Acid. Regular comsumption will promote overall wellness which can be helpful in managing inflammation and maintaining healthy cell function.

    • 100% black raspberry vinegar
    • Over 5 years of fermentation
    • Additional round of fermentation with black beans (The process is patented)
    • Contains one of the highest Anthocyanin content compared to other fruits and vegetables
    • No added sugar, preservatives,additives and artificial food coloring
    • Halal certified

RECOMMENDED FOR 7 years old and above


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