I have been wanting to try this black raspberry drink after watching Korea 2days1night show, finally I bought this, thanks seller for the free gifts. Will buy again


2nd Black Raspberry purchase . Does feel my skin gets smoother and whiter .


Self collect as usual. This Black Raspberry juice is my 4th or 5th purchase. The drink has somehow improved my sinus condition after drinking 20 pkts (i.e. 20 days ). Alr fin 30 pkts as at tdy hence replenish;) Good service but the seller forgot to give me a glass tdy with this 30pkts purchase plus the vinegar in another order:( hope to collect it next rd;)


I like to eat black raspberries a lot, but quite expensive in SG supermarket and are not organic. Thus, I am so happy when seeing Korean Organic Black Raspberries juice and bought some for my family. We all love the taste very much.


I love Black Raspberry juice. Skin seems to be better after some time.


This is my 2nd purchase and again I did a self collection. I felt it helped me in digestion and will look out now for other qualities mentioned. I bought the extract too!


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Bought and collected 4 bottles from seller in good condition. This is my third time purchasing from seller and I can say that it is definitely worth the money.It taste good especially when refrigerated and I enjoy drinking it everyday.Love that it is not very sweet, unlike the other vinegar that I've tried. It is also very refreshing drinking it after meals. Improves digestion and relieve constipation problems as well. Strongly recommended. Will continue purchasing! Thank You iDOORi!


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Super fast delivery! have been taking the vinegar for a period of time now. suffering from insomnia, but realised that this vinegar helps me fall asleep faster and wake up feeling fresh .. will continue buying but hope that the seller can try to bring the price down to previous pricing ...


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Bundle Deal:Vinegar
2nd time buying the vinegar. Lose weight and more energectic. I don't even need to nap in the afternoon. Thks seller


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Lost count of my purchases here! Been taking both the cold pressed raspberry pouches and vinegar daily for almost 2 mths. Great improvement to my health : sinus and pms symptoms. Took 1 pouch in the morning before breakfast and 1 small glass of vinegar after dinner daily. Hope to have better discount for bulk purchase;)


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