6 Reasons why Aronia Berry is a Super Berry

Sat, 2017-08-19

Aronia berry

Berries are popular and get a lot of attention from health experts, nutritionists and health conscious individuals. They are recommended for a variety of ailments and can be consumed in many fun ways. 

Blueberries are top choice as antioxidants, cranberries help the heart, goji berries boost your vitality while mulberries heal your blood, bones and heart.

But did you know that there is one berry that surpasses all the popular berries in the area of benefits – the Aronia Berry.

Aronia Berry Benefits

The Aronia berry is a power house of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It has a distinct flavour unlike any other fruit or berry. Fully ripe aronia berries, though acidic, are delicious apart from being super healthy.

Here are some specific medical advantages of this little purple superberry:

  1. The Aronia berry not only possesses one of the top antioxidant levels from all the berries but it has the lowest amount of sugar, making it ideal for weight watchers.
  2. Aronia berries fight inflammation and keep C-reactive proteins in check. This ensures good health for the immune system, blood, joints, bones and intestines.
  3. The proanthocyanidin (plant based antioxidant) in aronia berries works on strengthening the walls of your capillaries, prevent allergies, and stop chemical breakup of collagen, thus avoiding dehydration of skin.
  4. Aronia berries can help your breathing, blood circulation and digestion to ensure your entire body is operating well.
  5. The Aronia berry is recommended for people with weak hearts as it can prevent heart disease by protecting the heart cells and DNA.
  6. If you're planning to do some detoxification of the body, the aronia berry should definitely be included in your new diet. It will help to clean and secure your liver.

iDoori Aronia Berry Juice

Regular consumption of aronia berries may just be your one step solution to the perfect state of health you've been aiming for! 

Here is a convenient, tasty and affordable way to try out this super berry. Click on this to order your bottle of iDoori Berry Juice today. 

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