Aronia Berries Help Lower Our Calorie Intake

Thu, 2016-05-26

There is one significant health benefit of Aronia berries that cannot be missed out. Aronia berries (also known as Chokeberries) are low-calorie products that are suitable for a wide range of people. They may be essential in helping people keep their weight in check.

100g of Aronia berries contains only 47 calories. In contrast, 100g of bananas contains 89 calories and the same amount of apple contains 52 calories. As sugar is a simple carbohydrate that contains calories, the less sugar we include in our daily diet, the fewer calories we ingest. A high-calorie diet is essential for people who do lots of menial work. However, most people today are used to a sedentary lifestyle. We often work behind computers or in the office with little or no physical activity. Excess calories that are not burnt are stored in our bodies as fats.

In addition to helping people reduce their calorie intake, Aronia berries may also help people lose weight. Aronia berries are naturally high in insoluble fibre. A 100g serving of dried Aronia berries contains 16.9g of this essential component of our diet. As insoluble fibre takes longer to digest and stays in our digestive system for a longer time compared to other compounds, we feel fuller for a longer time. This may effectively keep us from reaching for snacks, especially unhealthy ones, that will not help in our nutritional intake. Eating less for a period of time may help us reduce our calorie intake and hence reduce our weight.

Aronia berries actually contain a lot more nutrition than we thought. They are nature’s gift in helping us lead a healthy lifestyle! Now in Singapore, we can get fresh Aronia berry juice as well. Our factory only starts manufacturing the Aronia berry juice when we place our orders to ensure that we get the freshest and highest quality. What’s more our juice has no added sugar, which means you can simply enjoy the goodness of Aronia berries without the additional calories from sugar!


Lower sugar intake and lower calorie

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