Aronia Berries Regulate Blood Sugar Levels & Diabetes

Thu, 2016-05-26

Treat diabetes

Aronia berry is a super fruit that provides so many health benefits that it is difficult to name them all in a single sentence. Although Aronia berries are known to be cultivated in North America and Europe (Siberia), Aronia berry farms in Gochang, Korea are quickly becoming famous for their quality production.

Aronia berries help with high blood pressure and enable quick recovery after a heart attack and stroke. They regenerate muscle tissue and improve the blood’s supply of myocardium, thus creating full protection from blood vessel blockage. 100g of ripe Aronia berries contain 16,062 ORAC units (the measure of a substance’s antioxidant properties), to help in the repair of damaged tissues, lowering of cholesterol and protection of arteries. Doctors recommend taking 3,000 to 5,000 ORAC units a day to ensure full tissue protection.

Aronia berries also regulate pancreas function, thereby helping with blood sugar levels. This means that these berries are very helpful in treating diabetes as well as metabolic syndromes. Metabolic syndromes refer to the group of risk factors that increase the risk for major health problems such as heart problems, stroke and diabetes.

Medical research has indicated that anthocyanins in Aronia berries can be very effective in the treatment of Type-2 Diabetes, as well as in slowing down complications caused by it. It has also been found that a daily intake of 200ml Aronia berry juice in a three-month period successfully decreased the level of glucose in blood in patients with this condition. These results correlate with other studies that describe the result of nutrients rich in procyanidins, including the inhibition of advanced glycation (the bonding of sugar to red blood cells) on diabetes.

In practical terms, Anthocyanins and Proanthocyanins found in Aronia berries help diabetic patients in two ways:

  1. Successfully fighting the enzyme that dissolves collagen and elastin, thus helping with collagen and elastin development. This helps people with diabetes return their collagen to normal levels.
  1. Effectively fighting free radicals that cause blood vessel damage and preventing the oxidation of bad fats in the blood (LDL) (the primary cause of fat deposition on blood vessel walls). This effectively helps to increase the permeability of blood vessels.

Aronia berries are immensely helpful in the treatment of diabetes and one can enjoy their benefits by taking Aronia berry juice or extract daily. The high-quality Aronia berries farmed in the favourable climate in Gochang, Korea and processed with strict adherence to international quality standard production process, assures the best that nature has to offer. Now you don’t have to go to Korea for these high quality products, you can purchase the top Aronia berry extract right here in Singapore!

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