Aronia Berries: the fat suppressor

Mon, 2019-11-18

Fat has been named and shamed in the media, with its negative portrayal in beauty and the stigma attached to eating fatty foods. However, in some cases fat can be our ally, with good fats that come from natural sources, benefits can be reaped. An example would be how Omega 3 oils in fish are often a prized health item, and its name evidently states that it is fat.

Lipids, also commonly referred to as fat, can manifest itself as Triglycerides. These compounds are formed naturally to store unused energy and can often accumulate if we are inactive, a symptom that many of us are familiar with. These fats are also sometimes accumulated from the food that we consume, which is why it is always wise to control our fat intake. Excessive fat may lead to serious health complications which is why we should take precaution through exercise and diet.

Our diet is something that is habitual, a routine that we perform several times a day. It is all too easy to give in to temptation and consume whatever the heart desires, but we should take caution when it comes to our health. The aim is to consume the food items that have the least trans-fat in them and consume more foods that contain the beneficial substances that may boost our health. One of such foods is the Aronia Berry which is packed with the good stuff.

Aronia Berries are found to contain a certain kind of antioxidant called anthocyanins1. These antioxidants are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. The compounds assist in retaining the good cholesterol while reducing levels of harmful fats, many of these properties can be read from our previous blog posts. These beneficial health properties prove that Aronia Berries are a fruit containing compounds present which would make a fine addition to our diet.

Sometimes it is tough for us to identify which foods contain good fat and which ones have trans-fat. Which is why Aronia Berries can act as a safety net to clear the bad substances from our bodies while boosting the levels of healthy compounds. Introducing healthy foods into our diet while cutting excessive consumption of unhealthy foods definitely are the steps to build a strong foundation for good health. Check out the different ways you can boost your health on our catalogue.

 The information contained in the post is for general purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice.

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