The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

Wed, 2017-06-28

Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

You may have heard of the popularity of cold pressed juices. The reasons for its success are plenty; mainly owing to the benefits of cold pressed juices over the traditional packaged or even home-made juice varieties.

Factors such as the high cost and low shelf life work against cold pressed juices. But here's why these two points could actually be in your favour and appear as benefits of cold pressed juice:

Superior processing techniques

Hydraulically pressed fruits and vegetables are bottled and sealed. These bottles are then placed in a large chamber filled with water where huge amounts of pressure are applied to the bottles. This leaves in the good stuff while destroying the bad - pathogens. Traditional pasteurisation on the other hand repeatedly heats and cools down the juices in an attempt to kill the pathogens but in the process also destroys most of the vitamin and mineral content. Hence, consuming one bottle of cold pressed juice could be equivalent to consuming more than 5 glasses of processed juice (since they say the processed stuff only retains 10% of its original nutrients). Hence, its obvious that cold pressed juice costs a bit more than the others.

Fresher end product

The other point about shelf life is even more interesting. Traditional processing can extend the juice's longevity to almost 6 months. Though they may appear as fresh and convenient, the actual fact is that no fruit or vegetable juice can stay fresh or natural for that long without some damage to its quality.

Let's explore some benefits of iDoorRi cold pressed juices:

Tastier and more genuine

Foods closer to their natural form, will definitely be packed with their original deliciousness. iDooRi juices are the real thing with no added preservatives or sugar.

Boosted immunity and energy levels

The nutrients and vitamins in cold pressed juice can fight illness. iDooRi can deliver you, your daily dose of raw berries in a reliable form.

Long lasting packaging and fresh juice

iDooRi’s high quality packaging allows it to be stored for a long time. But once you open the package, it behaves just like fresh juice with all its benefits. However, the juice extract pouches need to be consumed within 24 hours post-purchase.

Convenience and free morning time

Like processed juices, cold pressed juices are also available in ready-to-drink packages. They will save you the trouble of peeling, de-seeding, squeezing and straining out your own glass every morning.

Purchase your Cold Pressed Korean Black Raspberry Juice or Aronia Juice from iDooRi and have it delivered fresh to your door!

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