Black Chokeberries Fight Urinary Tract Infection

Wed, 2016-07-27

Black chokeberries

Black chokeberries, also known as Aronia berries, have been gaining increasing popularity as a superfood and superfruit. Black chokeberries have a wholesome bundle of nutrients and antioxidants, coupled with high quinic acid content to help fight and prevent urinary tract infection.

Quinic acid is a sugar compound that is found in many plants. Black chokeberries contain high levels of quinic acid, well over and above the reputed cranberry that many consume in juice as a natural remedy for urinary tract infection. Some doctors and websites have started to view aronia berries as the “king” of all urinary tract infection cures, due to its high quinic acid level.

Urinary tract infection is a common medical condition for adults and children. While women are more susceptible to urinary tract infection, men and children are not spared as well. urinary tract infection is usually more serious for children than adults, with a longer recovery period required. For women, the chances of contracting urinary tract infection at least once in a lifetime is as high as 50%, meaning every 1 in 2 women is likely to contract urinary tract infection in their lifetime. Given that there is no immunisation for urinary tract infection, prevention is definitely better than cure.

The main bacteria that causes urinary tract infection is the Escherichia coli. urinary tract infection symptoms include the frequent need to urinate, pain during urination and cloudy urine. In serious cases, urinary tract infection can bring about fever, sleep deprivation and itch. Recent studies have shown that black chokeberries contain five to ten times more quinic acid than cranberries. Additional lab research has gone a step further to show that black chokeberries are highly effective in reducing the growth of various bacteria including the Escherichia coli and thus, helping to cure urinary tract infection and maintain good urinary tract health.

Urinary tract infection is a frustrating medical condition, as it requires a period of antibiotics to cure and can reoccur anytime if the urinary tract area is infected. Black chokeberry juice is now readily available as your natural remedy for urinary tract infection to ease the recovery and prevent urinary tract infection. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a glass of black chokeberry juice will keep urinary tract infection at bay.

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