Choosing a healthy lifestyle

Mon, 2019-12-30

             The freedom of choice is such an appeal to us in this day and age. With liberalism at its peak, being able to choose what we want and how we think is commonplace and taken for granted. Similar to how a young adult male would feel entering National Service; freedom and choice stripped from him, going cold turkey upon this abrupt culture shock. That is how the privilege of choice plagues everyone and how important it is in this era.

              People choose to do things certain ways and is often met with strong resistance when something goes against that. This power of choice is what makes this world expressive and exciting, but sometimes we can pick something that is less than ideal.

              Choosing to have unhealthy snacks, choosing to forgo a routine exercise or choosing to binge drink; these are all choices that are open to us. We are all guilty of making certain decisions that are detrimental to our health or wellbeing, but it is sometimes inevitable. Temptations are strong and certain situations call for different outcomes, but it all accumulates and can affect us one way or another.

              Decision fatigue is something that creeps up on us on a daily basis, especially when we struggle with dilemmas every waking moment of our lives. Looking at a menu that has an endless list of dishes, not knowing which one you are planning to get. Those are the decisions that wear us out, which is why the brightest minds often keep many things in their life a constant: clothes, shoes, diet, travel. The streamlining of decisions is something that we can achieve to keep our decision-making skills on point.

              Every minor decision we make points to a big decision and ultimately that boils down to our habits in life. The sharpness of the mind has many factors like how often we reflect and think, but also the food that we eat. Vitamins and nutrients not only power the body, it provides the brain with the boost to keep it running like a well-oiled machine.

              The foods that provide vital nutrients are what you would expect in a healthy diet: fruits, vegetables and plenty of fluids. However, we believe that the extra boost of antioxidants perks us up to tackle whatever is instore for the day. The benefits of Aronia berries were elaborated in the previous blogposts, do read them to find out how these Organic Berries can help you in different

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