Diet Or Dieting: Which Way To Stave Off That Dad Bod?

Tue, 2019-09-17

Dieting was a booming trend in the 80s, with celebrities creating a multitude of diets that promised immediate weight loss; from a diet that recommended eating candies to those that solely consisted of grapefruits. Looking back on such an era, one may mock the idea of such absurd eating habits but if we take a look at what we have today, history may just be repeating itself. Ketogenic, Paleo and Mediterranian; diets you may have heard of in this modern society and they are catching on fast. 


It may be argued that the diets proposed in the modern day are backed by research and are proven by many to be effective. However, comparing the diets from different eras, they are similar in essence as they stem from the desire to have a better body and health. This desire burns so strongly that it even drives certain individuals to adopt a diet of consuming butter in excessive amounts because they were told that it was a secret weight loss method. Those that make the call to commit to a diet may be promised with the result of weight loss, but at what cost? Some may lose the joy of eating and others may even experience a drastic mood change, which makes us wonder if it was even worth it.


Torture is a word that reminds us of the medieval pain that was inflicted on pilgrims of the past, yet it is this word that seems to link itself to dieting. The act of dieting is such a pain for people to endure, yet many flock towards the most effective weight loss techniques and follow them to the letter. The idea of weight loss may have sprouted together with the seeds of insecurity and lack of confidence, which may indicate a bigger root problem: the media.

With magazines and television programmes, especially targeted for the youth, showing actors and models that are so slim to the point of borderline undernutrition, it is no wonder that our youth have such high beauty standards for society and themselves. The subliminal messages that they receive from the media may have fueled their desire to adopt ridiculous diets to achieve such a figure.


We should be thankful for the emergence of the fitness movement like crossfit and multiple gym routines. This raised the popularity of fitness and beauty through exercise, also empowering people from all demographics to improve themselves both physically and mentally. The importance of image and self love is also starting to surface as people from all walks of life are starting to step forward to declare their love for themselves. The body shape or size should not be the only indicator of one’s well-being, what matters is that we have a healthy functioning body and mind.


At idoori, we adopt an approach that is a combination of what we think is positive in today’s trends. Through an active lifestyle, healthy eating along with a good supplement, we aim to bring the feeling of being your best at any age to everybody. Regular exercise is what contributes to good health, but adopting a diet of eating in moderation and consuming foods that enhance our health is the foundation. A food that we have found to be beneficial in a large aspect of our health is Aronia Berries. These berries are found to have properties that lowers cholesterol levels, aids with weight loss and other phenomenal attributes. 


The secret to a positive mindset may be cultivated from consuming the right foods. With the right nutrients and vitamins, we can be more confident with our bodies and may even find that path to achieve our ideal body. After all, it is said that “you are what you eat”. 

The information contained in the post is for general purpose only and should not be considered as medical advice.

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