The Benefits Of Korean Bamboo Salt

Mon, 2017-05-22

Korean Bamboo Salt Benefits

Bamboo salt: good stuff or make-believe?

Natural health and beauty products constitute a growing market today. And consumers are, well, overwhelmed by choices. But how do you know what is genuine and what is fake?
So is bamboo salt an authentic thing or is it just another smartly packaged, hyped-up ‘wellness product’? Will the consumer benefit really or will it turn out to be money down the drain? Moreover, how does Korean bamboo salt score over non-Korean salts from different geographical regions of the world?

Korean Bamboo salt benefits – one for everyone

Bamboo salt offers wide-ranging benefits for everyone in the family – right from kids to elderly persons and patients. You will be surprised to learn about the diverse Korean bamboo salt benefits:

Improves metabolism

Metabolism is the biological process of decomposing food into energy and discharging waste matter. And salt plays a prime role in metabolism. When metabolism is affected, the body becomes acidic and turns a soft target for diseases owing to low immune function. Bamboo salt helps to facilitate metabolism and maintain good health.

Aids in red blood cells production & clean-up of blood vessels

Lack of salt results in iron deficiency and poor production of red blood cells, eventually leading to indigestion and anemia. Intake of bamboo salt helps to restore the optimal level of red blood cells. Salt also prevents arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Aids in cell reproduction

Bamboo salt replenishes dead cells rapidly; it works as an excellent exfoliator. If we consume good quality bamboo salt with clean water, it replaces the dead skin cells and helps eliminate skin problems such as freckles, acne, etc.

Detoxifies & sterilizes 

Bamboo salt safeguards blood cells and vessels from toxins and bacteria. It enhances the antibiotic resistance of the body.

Supplements essential minerals

Being a proven source of essential minerals, bamboo salt purifies blood vessels, fosters digestion and prevents protein discharge in urine by enhancing intestinal functions.

Stops bleeding

Bamboo salt acts as a quick blood coagulator. Application on affected areas gives rapid relief by stopping bleeding.

Improves digestion

By removing the toxins accumulated on the walls of the stomach and the intestines, bamboo salt assists in regulating bowel movements, reducing constipation and strengthening the overall digestive function.

Regulates body fluids

By maintaining the right pH level of blood, bamboo salt enables to achieve the ideal fluid balance which is vital for wellness.

Stabilizes blood pressure

From the structural viewpoint, bamboo salt has smaller crystals as compared to other types of salts. Because of the smaller molecular size, it does not affect blood pressure due to easy absorption and discharge in the body.

Korean bamboo salt – the better variety

We just looked at the various Korean bamboo salt benefits. Now the question comes to mind? ‘What is so special about Korean bamboo salt?’ Well, Korean bamboo salt is unique, because it is made from handpicked, exclusive ingredients. Further, these raw materials are put through a special, multi-stage process. The result is a highly valuable salt which has medicinal properties as well as numerous other benefits.

One-stop shop for bamboo salt

Driven by a passion to bring authentic, natural health & beauty products, iDooRi offers different bamboo salt preparations for a variety of applications; from bathing soap to cooking and food therapy, iDooRi has got your bamboo salt needs covered!

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