Mooning over the Mid-Autumn diet

Mon, 2019-07-29

The Mid Autumn Festival is something that sparks joy within all of us; from carrying lanterns to the Chinese performances, there's definitely something in there for all of us. The origin story of Houyi and Chang'e; drinking the elixir of immortality and floating to the moon to become the moon to become a deity. This fable may be well-known, but there is certainly more to know about this festival.

Commonly dubbed as the mooncake festival, Mid Autumn Festival is centred by this popular food item: the mooncake. Traditionally it is made with a crust with lotus seed filling and a salted egg yolk, this combination has long been the go to formula for this dessert. But this delicacy comes with a hefty price, and those who consume may have to pay it by burning those extra calories in the gym.

The crust of mooncakes are high in fat which could lead to build up of cholesterol. The lotus seed filling is loaded with refined sugars which is high in the glycemic index (GI), an index that has come under the spotlight this decade. The salted egg yolk is high in sodium, contributing to high blood pressure. Contemporary mooncakes are not discounted from this caloric plague; snowskin mooncakes have a glutenous wrapping which racks up on the carbohydrates.

Not only do some mooncakes contain calories that may amount to a recommended serving for one meal, they also have poor nutritional value. This fatty, carbohydrate filled, salty snack may drive you down the path of a downward health spiral if not taken in moderation. Consuming high GI foods can cause a spike in blood glucose level and lead health complications in diabetic patients. The high fat content will also cause a build up of LDL cholesterol in those who consume such foods which can cause arteriosclerosis.

We are always looking for ways to dampen the negative effects of unhealthy foods on our bodies. Moderating the amount that we eat should be the first thing to consider, but we find that supplementing that with health products can produce better results. Aronia berries and Black Raspberries are two of the foods that can be included to suppress the harmful consequences of our eating habits, but it can also benefit you in other aspects to prevent different ailments. 

Indulgence is still a luxury that all of us still intend to go on with. Including the superfoods into our daily consumption may give you that peace of mind to know feel less of a pinch every time you overshoot your caloric intake. Prevention is better than cure.

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