The Power of Wasong

Thu, 2020-01-09

Vinegar has proven itself to be the most accessible form of superfoods available to the common household. Many research studies have been conducted to study its health properties. Though scientists are unable to provide a definitive answer, most of them hint at the potential gains one might receive consuming this sour ingredient. Some swear by the properties of vinegar, religiously drinking a glass a day. We talked about how people can reap the benefits of vinegar in one of our blog posts here :

White, red and rice vinegar; these common vinegars are often used in cooking our familiar local dishes. Though they may contain the vitamins that may give us that nutritional supplement, it does not suffice as a health food that is able to enhance our livelihood. 

Korea has always been big on reaping the benefits of drinking vinegar. Drinking Kombucha to cool off during the summer or drinking Black Raspberry Vinegar for its various health benefits. All these health drinks are formed from a certain type of process: fermentation. Kimchi, vinegar and gochujang are all fermented products and the Korean Scientists research on them extensively to uncover what makes them popular in this area of health foods.

Another vinegar that Koreans pride themselves on is the Wasong Vinegar which is made from Rock Pine, a herb that is native to Korea. Being rich in antioxidants, the Wasong Vinegar is known to be used as a traditional form of medicine to help reducing certain forms of cancer and is also proven to be able to improve insulin sensitivity. Sterols are also a prevelant compound in this Vinegar which give it the ability to decrease the absorption and synthesis of unhealthy cholesterol.

Having such properties make this health product suitable for Singaporeans as we tend to consume a diet that is high in fat and sodium. Furthermore, the Wasong Vinegar has attained an award of Superior Taste on 2019 in Belgium. This combination of health and taste makes us confident in the properties of Wasong Vinegar and is our top pick for an everyday health product.

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