What Is Bokbunja / Korean Black Raspberry?

Fri, 2016-04-01

In Korea, the Gochang, Jeongeup and Sunchang regions have rich yellow soils that are abundant with nutrients and minerals. There is also plenty of sunlight and ocean breeze, which contributes to an environment ideal for growing the best Bokbunja (Korean black raspberry) organically without the use of chemicals.

The goodness of Bokbunja were recorded in ancient medicinal literature. Some of the general health benefits include:

  • Enhanced stamina and sexual functions
  • Improved kidney functions, urinary incontinence and other diuretic effects
  • Improved eye health and brain development
  • Enhanced concentration and focus

These Bokbunja black raspberries are also of high health and beauty value for women.

Korean black raspberries are beneficial for people of all ages. This has led to a great demand in products made from these black raspberries. High tech production facilities are used to produce these quality products, from black raspberry extracts to vinegars, at a large commercial scale. These facilities follow standardized procedures with stringent quality assurance in place. The available research and development infrastructure also makes it possible for attaining higher quality of Bokbunja, Korean black raspberries products.

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