Why Aronia Berries are good for your heart

Sun, 2017-09-03

Aronia Berry for the heart

Need one super powered fruit to improve the health of your heart? Then Aronia berry or choke berries are your best bet. Aronia berry is a recent discovery for all its therapeutic qualities. Though it has many advantages, an important one involves one of the most vital organs of the body – the heart.

Aronia berries have the almost magical and instant ability to boost blood circulation in the body. This makes them ideal in any detox program. Their tart distinct flavor is packed with natural healing powers that strengthen blood vessels. This greatly reduces the chances of heart disease, preventing cholesterol build up and keeping the heart healthy and pumping!

Best defense against free radicals

The secret behind this Aronia berries’ ability to fight diseases such as diabetes and, of course, cardiovascular ones is the power to stop free radicals from forming in the body. These free radicals are not triggered by anything we eat or do. They form spontaneously when oxygen interrupts the natural formation of electrons. This interruption can cause damage to proteins, our cells and even DNA. The Aronia berry helps our natural bodily defenses to fight the free radicals.

Another fact to know is that though many berries hold phenolic acids, the Aronia berry has very high amounts. This is the main reason for its wonderful healing qualities, especially against free radicals. Aronia berries or chokeberries also boast of possessing one of the highest amounts of in vitro antioxidant activities among all berries and fruits. This too helps to fight infections and regulate the body.

iDoori Aronia Berry Juice

Aronia berries are not easily found or consumed. Therefore iDoori brings you perfectly packaged Aronia Fruit Juice that can be ordered online by clicking on this link.

Include iDoori Aronia Berry Juice in your daily diet for best results and freedom from all heart related ailments.

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