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Mon, 2019-12-09

           Sports and exercise; the cornerstone to a healthy lifestyle, but oftentimes the rigour and intensity take its toll on our bodies. Our bodies are highly adaptive to the stresses that we put it through. An example would be how our body builds muscle mass when it has to lift weights at the gym. However, this adaption process takes time and is done through several cycles of growth which means results may not be apparent to the individual. The journey to improve our current state of fitness and health is one which is self-appointed and also a tedious one. It takes courage to embark on this arduous journey and a greater magnitude of dedication to be triumphant.

           The road to fitness has many roadblocks, especially in a hectic lifestyle. Distractions and other commitments prevent us from fully committing to a proper workout regime, but the only way is to create a healthy habit of regular exercise. For the ones that seek performance, the psychological barrier may have been overcome but a barrier that prevents physical gains lies ahead. Most of the times recovery is what most athletes struggle with, which is why we explore the use of certain foods to help the active people out there to recover effectively.

           Antioxidants are hailed for their health properties like boosting our immune system and keeps our bodies functioning like a well-oiled machine. We discussed previously how antioxidants help reduce levels of unhealthy cholesterol and also the danger of consuming a high-fat diet. In contrast, antioxidants protect the body from oxidative stress as free radicals are produced during aerobic exercise. A healthy balance of nutrients and vitamins in the body is essential for the rapid recovery of an athlete’s muscles.

           Aronia Berries being an excellent source of antioxidants and polyphenols, it what we would recommend to individuals seeking an organic solution to boost their daily health. Check out our store to find out what we have in store for you!

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