Top Benefits of Drinking Vinegar

Tue, 2017-07-25

Benefits of drinking vinegar

Did you know that consuming vinegar or apple cider vinegar merely as a flavor enhancing agent (like is in stir-fry) is a rather new phenomenon?

Traditional consumption of vinegar was always about gulping down the pure stuff to gain a multitude of benefits towards good health and beauty.

Like most ancient tradition, the advantages of drinking vinegar are tried, tested and well proven over the years. As this valued practice makes an aggressive comeback, it’s time for you to understand in which ways just a few sips of vinegar a day can improve your health and immunity.

Here are the top benefits of daily vinegar intake:

Weight Loss

Yes, vinegar helps you lose those extra pounds especially when teamed with another weight loss activity such as maintaining a sensible diet or some cardio. The way in which vinegar assists is by acting like as carbs do that make you feel full. This restricts overeating and mood-led hunger pangs, which in the long run show as loss in inches in the fat accumulated around the body. Daily vinegar intake can cut belly fat, and improve digestion.

Improves Heart Health

Vinegar lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and prevents heart disease. It does this by preventing cholesterol particles from oxidizing and creating blocks. Vinegar intake has also proven to be helpful for type 2 diabetes patients by reducing postprandial glycaemia (excess rise in blood sugar after a meal).

Apart from these, there is a host of other benefits related to skin, hair, internal organs, candida, digestive issues and more that can be healed via vinegar intake.

When should vinegar be avoided?

Though daily intake of vinegar is beneficial there are certain situations in which excess or any amount of vinegar could cause adverse effects. These are:

  • Acidity reflux
  • Teeth corrosion
  • Reaction to certain medication

So, before you begin consuming vinegar on a daily basis, get to know how much should be taken and if your ailment can be cured or healed with vinegar.

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